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UHT (United Hindu Temple) is situated in the City of Baldwin Park, California , USA.

The temple was first constructed in 2017 and has served individuals for their devotional needs since then. It has been and continues to be one sacred place of worship dedicated to serve various deities of Hindu Pantheon. A place dedicated to bringing our community together in the Service of Lord and Society. The Temple has recently been acquired by new management and is going under renovation for a better experience of the devotees.

Our Mission & Vision

Believe in Lord

Our Mission and Vision is to Serve Lord while taking the torch ahead for Hindu culture and values. To provide individuals from any background the path to peace and bliss through Devotion, Service and Vedic Teachings. Our mission is to provide facilities for Cultural activities, Yoga, Meditation, Kids and Adult educational activities. To provide opportunities for all age groups and gender to give back to society and fulfilling their purpose of life.

Our Volunteers

Our Volunteers Achievments

We provide a Devotional platform to our community where they come together and celebrate their culture. We provide opportunity to our kids to learn our cultural values through Rich teachings of Vedas. We provide a place for individuals from all fields to encourage reflection, facilitate purification of mind and trigger the process of inner realization.

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Mandir has daily Aarti in the morning and evening. For any special Puja

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Mandir is opened from 9am to 12pm AND 4pm to 8pm daily for Darshan. For other time availability

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Mandir distribute PRASĀDA , Sponsor PRASĀDA on weekends

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Marriage Puja

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Bhoomi Puja

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Car Puja

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Our Upcoming Events

Upcoming Event

Meet Swami Mukundanada

  • Date: 2-3 May ( Thu – Fri)
  • Time : 7 - 9 PM PST
Upcoming Event

JK Yog Satsang

  • Date: Sunday - 3th Week of Month
  • Time : 5.30 PM - 7 PM PST
Upcoming Event

Mata Ki Choki

  • Date: Friday - 4th Week of Month
  • Time : 7-9 PM PST
Upcoming Event

Sholaka’s Class

  • Date: Every Saturday
  • Time : 4-6 PM PST

We want to serve the world around us

13619 Ramona Pkwy, Baldwin Park, CA 91706, United States.

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